Nancy Durbin, MS, BSN, RN-BC
Faith Community Nurse
HMA Director for Faith Community Nursing

History of Faith Community Nursing Certification by Portfolio Process

Health Ministries Association{HMA} first began its relationship with the American Nurses Credentialing Center {ANCC} in December 2007 with an invitation from ANCC to join two other nursing specialties, Forensic Nursing and College Nursing, to begin the work of developing content for the portfolio process. That work was placed on hold by HMA in 2009; after many hours spent developing sources of evidence and tools for evaluating the specialty of faith community nursing with the intent to resume work with ANCC at a later date.

Following the revision and publication of the 2012 Faith Community Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, and ongoing dialogue with ANCC regarding the portfolio process, HMA and ANCC entered into a formal agreement in April 2013 to move forward with the Certification Process for the specialty practice of Faith Community Nursing.
In August 2014, certification by portfolio became available for the professional nursing specialty of faith community nursing through ANCC.

In an effort to identify and recognize HMA faith community nurses who have achieved certification through ANCC in Health Ministries Associations Inc., has developed the Faith Community Nursing Society.

Faith Community Nursing Society

Statement of Purpose

  • To recognize superior achievement in the specialty practice of faith community nursing for faith community nurse members of HMA.
  • To strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession and the organization that supports the work of faith community nursing.
  • To encourage ongoing leadership and involvement {present and future} in the evolving practice of faith community nursing through efforts led by HMA.
  • To share best practices, attend educational seminars, discuss research, promote professional publication, and engage in peer-to-peer networking.
  • To support and assist with improvement of the related specialty through identification and development of new skills.

Faith Community Nurses who have achieved certification in the professional nursing specialty of faith community nursing through ANCC and meet the membership criteria listed below are invited to complete an on-line application found on the HMA web-site.

If you have met the following criteria for consideration into the Faith Community Nursing Society, please complete and submit the form below so that you can be recognized.

Criteria for consideration:

  • Faith Community Nurse Member in good standing ~ Health Ministries Association
  • ¬†Faith Community Nursing Certification achieved in Faith Community Nursing through ANCC
  • ¬†Ongoing demonstration of the Vision & Mission of Health Ministries Association

All submitted applications will be reviewed by two non-board member HMA Faith Community Nurse Leaders for consideration.

Active Members of the Faith Community Nursing Society will be listed on the main HMA page newly created Faith Community Nursing Society roster.

  • As a Certified Faith Community Nurse, you are invited to share your expertise. Please indicate areas in which you would be willing to serve within HMA:
  •   FCN Mentor Program
      FCN Society Application Review
      FCN Program Leadership Advisory Committee
      FCN Practice and Education
      FCN Research
      Publication and E-blasts
      Communication and Social Media
      Spiritual Leadership Advisory Committee